Thinking Winter Coats

October 10, 2011 in Fashion Illustration, PvdH Designs

Thinking Winter Coats. The saying may go ‘there’s no escaping death or taxes’, but I think it should be modified to include winter (amongst other things such as bad hair days). Blame it on my warm upbringing in dear-old-Mexico, but while I can gracefully live through those BHDs (thank you fedoras), there is something about the darkness which comes along with Monsieur Hiver that makes me cringe at the thought. But to make up for the darkness (more than make up, in fact) are the Layering Games. You know, layer + layer + layer + layer = warmth (& chicness). From capes, to coats, to hybrids (see above), my love for the outer layers is one to last a lifetime. Call it true love, but there is something about caressing a Loro Piana cashmere which never fails to make my heart skip a beat. 
What are your favourite ones this season? I’m loving the idea of a hybrids (a cross between a cape and a coat). And short-sleeved blazers (perhaps you can call this a cross between a blazer and a vest!). It is all about the short sleeves and the simple clean necklines (combined with some uber luscious elbow-length gloves to avoid the dreaded frostbite, of course). Might also throw a bit of embossed leather into the mix.

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