April 25, 2012 in Beauty

#Indispensable. A lifetime ago (it’s all relative), I used to be a total make up junkie. By all means I do not mean I actually wore tonnes and tonnes of the stuff (I’m eyeshadow handicapped after all), but more of a hoarder of sorts. It all started around the age of 12 when the shiny and colourful packaging of Lip Smackers caught my eye.

But I have come a long way and my makeup cabinet is more of a curated version (I suppose).

Right now there are two things which I cannot possibly do without though: Guerlain Terracotta bronzing powder N.2 and Tom Ford‘s Noir Absolute (remember the illustrated .gif cat-eye tutorial?).

Bronzer for me is actually just a summer thing as it feels a tad bit too orangey and cakey in the winter on my skin.

But what about you guys? Do you bronze?


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