June 12, 2012 in PvdH Designs, PvdH's #todayimwearing

Reminiscing. There are places which never fail to take me back to some (truly) wonderful times, and this fallen eucalyptus tree in our family ranch is definitely one of them. It takes me back to the moment it actually fell (a bit too close to some actual property!) and the memories as a kid of running up and down through it (funny to think it looked like a shortcut at the time!). It is one of those places which will always be special.

Oh, and I am totally rocking the pink ‘n red combo (which you might recall I was already a bit too enthusiastic about this winter back in London).

And (without fear of sounding like a Micky-D’s add), I’m lovin’ it.

wearingPvdH (aka DIY) cotton and linen summer coat (previously seen here), PvdH (aka DIY) silk dupioni pencil skirt (previously seen here), Prada rose earrings


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