hat business #YSL

October 7, 2012 in Fashion Illustration, PvdH Fashion Show Reviews

hat business #YSL. I am fairly certain by this point in my life that there are two people in this world when it comes to headgear: hat people and non-hat people. That simple. Well, unless you are British- where etiquette (and birth right) pretty much dictate that you ought to belong to the first category.

I, however, was born into the latter category. So aside from a few pre-pubescent years spent buried under symbol-bearing caps after P.E.*, I steered clear. Funny anecdote here, my favourite cap was light blue and had ‘Mary Jane’ scribbled all-so-artfuly across it. Took an older kid (during a taunt in the school bus) to tell me what I was so openly advocating for. I was twelve.

So right then and there (without giving it too much thought- after all, I was twelve), I realised that hats (despite the common preconception) draw more attention rather than divert it. Think here to the usual suspect- The Hollywood Starlet so inconspicuously ‘hidden’ behind the (unreasonably big) sunglasses and hat. That’s my thought.

So while hats will be more of a ‘peacock’ element to an outfit, they are also pretty damn good during the winter months to shelter ones hair (particularly if it’s curly) from the rain. So last year (while I was still a Londoner), I purchased my first fedora.**

Instant love. (Followed by instant gratification from my hair!) I had jumped the boat into the hat-wearer category (although strictly drawing the line when it came to fascinators…).

So this past week after seeing the Saint Laurent show, I got nostalgic for hat-wearing (and fur-wearing) season. You see, as I am typing this I have the sharp Mexican autumn light flooding into my studio’s window. Not a cloud in-sight, making the prospect of full-on winter gear oh-so distant (if at all).

(Winter) fashion nostalgia is what I have.

Then again, it would be silly to complain.


*P.E.- Physical Education.

** aside from the seasonal options by designers (thinking Lanvin last winter and YSL come spring), Maison Michel will be my eternal love (for classic style and enduring quality).



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