dia de los muertos

November 2, 2012 in PvdH's Mexico

dia de los muertos. Apologies for the irregular posting this week, but with Day of the Dead in full bloom (it is today)- I got caught up in the festive air. One of my favourite things of this date is visiting the altars (for the dead), which range from the traditional and sombre (above) to the more lively and fun (below). Both are a pleasure to admire, given that a great deal of detail and care is included.

From flores the cempasuchil (flower of the dead), to portraits of those who have moved on (along with their favourite meals), to candle-lit paths to guide them into the next life, it is one of my favourite traditions in Mexico.

So I leave you now, because I am off to enjoy a bit of pan de muerto (bread of the dead) (a super yummy sweet treat).

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