batik 2.0

April 4, 2013 in Paola van der Hulst | Jewelry, PvdH's #todayimwearing

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(ruby) silver chain earrings | Paola van der Hulst

batik 2.0. Because version 1.0 came about a year ago… but during a recent bout of some stereotypical spring cleaning this batik bustier saw its (rather inevitable) resurrection.

Fact is, I am somewhat of a fashion hoarder. Incapable of throwing out clothes of which I envision a future (however distant it may be). A personality trait which has caused a few dilemmas while moving countries (thrice).

But the thing is, I love resurrecting clothes. I may grow tired of them one year, only to find myself swooning all over them again one, two… (ten?) years later. Take this (pretty much entire) outfit.

A batik bustier (fished out of my mother’s 80s wardrobe), an original pair of Ray-Bans (again courtesy of dear mom’s 80s awesomeness), my boarding-school blazer (which goes to show that good clothes do last), Armani trousers from my finance years, and a ripping Juicy Couture cherry-t underneath (which is totally inline with my current disintegrating-tshirt love)… all items previously forgotten, only to be (re)treasured.

wearing: Paola van der Hulst (ruby) silver chain earrings (here), vintage batik bustier, Armani Collezioni trousers, ASOS white heels, Ray-Ban Clubmasters (here)


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