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silk chiffon skirt | Paola van der Hulst

Mexican Countryside

1 (ultra blue) sapphire 'n black diamond S ring | Paola van der Hulst

Paola van der Hulst Silk Chiffon | The PvdH Journal


deserted. Working like a (happy) dog at the moment might leave little time for play and games, but during this past (Mexican) labor day we packed our bags, along with a good old-fashioned picnic (and of course pup Dedal), and headed to the countryside where I spent a great deal of my childhood.

Memories (and nostalgia) aside, there is something about the Mexican countryside during this time of the year. The blinding light, smothering heat and parched landscape, all make for some truly spectacular sunsets.

And on the fashion side of things? Tisci’s fall ’13 Givenchy (one of my favourite collections)(pretty much ever), inspired me to dig out this (previously photographed) outfit from fall.

Now I just need some Bambi on my chest.

wearing: (kashmir) sapphire ‘n black diamond ‘S’ ring | Paola van der Hulst (here), silk chiffon skirt | Paola van der Hulst, sweatshirt | supermarket (as in Wall-Mart), white flats | BCBG


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