bambi (me)

May 17, 2013 in Fashion Illustration, PvdH Fashion Show Reviews

Givenchy Fall 2013 RTW

bambi (me). Let us chat a bit about this ‘Bambi on the chest’ situation.

Upon reading my previous post (chiffon skirt, oversized sweatshirt), a (not-totally-fashion-versed) friend asked me what the hell I meant by just needing ‘Bambi on my chest’.

And heck. Trying to explain Tisci’s genius (in what was one of my favourite collections for the upcoming season) gave the ‘a picture is worth a-thousand words’ expression a whole new meaning.

So I am hoping an illustration-age (illustration meets collage) will do the trick.

Call it the ‘deer in the headlights’ effect, but I fell for Bambi (for the second time in my life) fast and hard back in March.



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