El Pajarito de la Suerte #Video

June 8, 2012 in Video

El Pajarito de la Suerte #Video. The ‘fortuneteller birdie’ is no more and no less than a canary with an uncanny ability to pick your fortune (and do a few party-tricks in between!).

It is just one of those things that you have to see for yourself. #Video

Oh and #TGIF

A (traditional) Mexican Breakfast #Video

May 16, 2012 in Video

And this is only breakfast…


Viktor Luna FW ’12 #Video

May 12, 2012 in Video


Viktor Luna FW ’12 #Video. Fellow Mexican designer (and Project Runway Season 9 finalist*) Viktor Luna presented his F/W ’12 collection at the W Mexico City Hotel this past week. I figured which better way to show you his print-rich collection than with the runway video (shot by yours truly).

*Remember him? A total sweetheart.

A Drive Through Mexico City #Video

May 1, 2012 in Video

A Drive Through Mexico City #Video. Driving through Mexico City can be quite an ordeal at times (I used to drive approximately 1.5 hrs to get to school…), but since moving back I feel like a wide-eyed kid gawking outside the car window. 
You see, Mexico City is quite beautiful (and overwhelming!). 
Though I’m still undecided as to which is worse, a Mexico City traffic jam (talking parking lot resemblance here) or a London tube sardine car (at 5 pm). 
(Leaning towards the one with air conditioner and personal space a.t.m…)

My Last Days in London Town #Video

April 9, 2012 in Video

My Last Days in London Town #Video. So here it is, some snippets here and there of my last days in London before I moved to Mexico (bear with me while I adjust and show you, this week has been mad busy!). 

My Party Trick #Video

April 4, 2012 in Video

My Party Trick #Video. During my last days in London I took some video (which I haven’t yet had the time to edit!), but here is a short (an ultra short!) clip taken while trying out a really cool video app on my iPhone (8mm) at The Lansdowne (one of my favourite pubs in Primrose Hill). 
So there we go, you have now seen my (most random) ‘party trick’ and my new haircut (!!!) With all the rush to get out of London I neglected to tell you that I cut my hair jaw-length and I am so totally loving it (aside from the momentary afro after the 12 hour flight…). 
p.s. need I tell you how totally weird it is to see oneself on video?!